Notable Highlights: 2003-2020

After a transition process that culminated in early 2020, the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance decided to continue as a state policy coalition staffed by its member groups, a format that will enable its long-term sustainability. The Metropolitan Area Planning Council will assume the role of coordination.

The Great Neighborhoods program, still led by Anabelle Rondon, has merged with LivableStreets Alliance and will continue to support smart growth activism at the local level. Meanwhile, longtime executive director André Leroux and staff members Larry Field and Dottie Fulginiti have moved on to new opportunities helping communities implement smart growth strategies.

To commemorate a new chapter, we compiled a list of 15 key achievements over the years:

  1. Uniting advocates for better communities
  2. State consistency with smart growth
  3. Brownfields
  4. Zoning reform
  5. Support for planning
  6. Great Neighborhoods phase 1: transformative development
  7. Placemaking
  8. Mixed-income housing
  9. Smart infrastructure investment
  10. Smart growth conferences
  11. District management
  12. Housing Choice
  13. Accessory Dwelling Units and healthy aging
  14. Racial justice initiatives
  15. Great Neighborhoods phase 2: local organizing

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