Growth of our cities and towns is shaped by our transportation system, which is why the Alliance helped found Transportation for Massachusetts. Together we are a diverse coalition of organizations working to create safe, convenient, and affordable transportation for everyone. We advocate for transportation funds to be spent fairly and responsibly, for transportation decisions that are transparent and accountable, and to ensure that our transportation network has sufficient resources to meet tomorrow’s needs all throughout the Commonwealth.

While we firmly believe our state needs do a better job of maintaining our roads and bridges in good repair, the average annual cost of owning a car is about $9000 and climbing. We need to expand walking, biking, and public transportation in a big way. Since people and businesses now want to be in vibrant, walkable areas, doing so will help our economy grow and meet our vast need for housing. Better transportation options also open economic opportunities for people without cars, such as youth, many seniors, and low-income residents. Finally, active transportation improves public health and helps fight global warming.

Transportation for Massachusetts

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