In Winchester, Great Neighborhoods is working with the Town and the business community to strengthen the economic vitality of the town center. This work will be achieved by:

  • Reviewing all town bylaws and codes and amending them to encourage sensitive re-development of properties within the context of the town center;
  • Encouraging new housing options and mixed-use developments;
  • Promoting “complete streets” to encourage walking and bicycling, and
  • Identifying best practices to address floodplain, storm water and low impact development alternatives.

See the latest update on status of Town Center rezoning from Planning Board Chair Drew Bottaro.

View the draft revised zoning map.

Working Documents

10-year Goals (2021)

  1. Preserve and enhance the character of the town center’s built and natural environments and develop mechanisms that allow for the preservation and enhancement of natural resources including the Aberjona River
  2. Improve access and circulation within the town center
  3. Increase residential housing with a diversity of housing types in the town center
  4. Encourage development of town center businesses
  5. Update zoning bylaws and determine best practices for land use governance within the downtown
  6. Reduce energy and greenhouse gas emissions

Highlights (2012)

  • Completed draft analysis of water related issues within the town center as a prelude to addressing zoning changes
  • Completed a housing market analysis of town center and updated inventory of existing housing within town center
  • Developed Great Neighborhoods executive committee composed of town planner, Planning Board members, Selectmen and town residents.
  • Nearing completion of master plan chapter on Transportation and Circulation
  • Engaged three architectural firms to develop concept designs for development of the town owned Waterfield lot adjacent to the commuter rail station in the town center to share with the MBTA as they re-develop the station area. Shared these designs with town residents for input in September.

Strategic Partners

  • Town of Winchester, including its Planning Board and the Board of Selectmen.
  • Winchester Housing Partnership