In Somerville, Great Neighborhoods is supporting the work of the Community Corridor Planning Coalition (CCP) to take advantage of the opportunities for transformation offered by upcoming transit investments. The CCP will work with the City of Somerville and community members around station area planning for the Green Line Extension and Assembly Square that encompasses the creation and preservation of affordable housing, jobs for local residents and open space, including the expansion of the Community Path that connects the Charles River path network with the Minuteman bikeway through Somerville.

10-year Goals (2021)

  1. Increase the dedicated affordable housing stock in Somerville from the current 9.6% of the total housing stock to 12% of the total housing stock by 2021
  2. Add 7,500 jobs in Somerville by 2021
  3. Add at least 40 acres of new public open space by 2021
  4. Connect the Charles River path network with the Minuteman Bikeway through Somverville by 2020
  5. Lower the residential property tax burden from 73% of the total property tax levy to 63% of the total property tax levy by 2021.
  6. Add at least 2 million square feet of office/R&D space in Somerville by 2021

Highlights (2012)

  • Hired a full-time Community Corridor Planning Coordinator to steward coalition activities, and build broad community support with institutions and municipal government
  • Led a mock ‘groundbreaking’ for the with ten partner organizations, the Mayor, and more than 175 people to fight delaying of the Green Line Extension
  • Helped secure MPO funding and design for a .25 mile extension of the existing Community Path from Cedar to Lowell Streets, to be built this year.
  • Engaged 700 individuals and organizations to endorse a Local Hiring Ordinance which led to the Mayor’s Creation of a Local Hiring Panel
  • Engage low income, minority, and youth residents to influence the City’s planning process around Harris and North Parks
  • Conducted a community  “placemaking” workshop with Project for Public Spaces and East Somerville Main Streets to think about ways to connect to and enhance upcoming streetscape improvements along East Broadway.

Working Documents

Placemaking along Broadway in Somerville: Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper (PDF) This report was prepared as part of the work Project for Public Spaces. (July 2012)

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