Economic Development

Successful communities need jobs and commerce, and they should be located in places where people can easily get to them.

However, many businesses find it difficult to build or grow in sensible locations in Massachusetts. Conventional real estate financing coupled with restrictive municipal regulations often work against creating the mixed-use and mixed-income neighborhoods that so many of us now want. Also, many businesses are changing and becoming more collaborative, so they need much less office space. With flexible work hours and mobile technology, some employees can choose to work at home, or in cafes or public spaces.


  1. Sustain funding for MassWorks, which is as an effective model of the state managing its funding dollars through a portfolio, with clear criteria and targets for the portfolio’s performance.
  2. Streamline mixed-use real estate development.
  3. Expand resources for transit-oriented development (TOD), including the creation of two new funds for predevelopmenr and equity.
  4. Establish a state infrastructure bank.
  5. Extend the adoption of Business Improvement Districts across the state.