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Smart Growth Project: South Station Expansion, Boston


The Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance recognizes smart growth projects and planning/zoning initiatives across the Commonwealth. This project is one of many that were featured at our 2013 conference. See other examples

South Station

This project is designed to improve streetscape and pedestrian, bicycle, local transit, and vehicular facilities in and around South Station, including the re-opening of Dorchester Avenue for public use; to consider opportunities for joint public/private development over an expanded South Station; to enable growth in high-speed and other intercity passenger rail service in the northeastern United States; to support sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life in NEC metropolitan areas; to support increased statewide transportation access, environmental sustainability, and improved personal mobility.

Opportunities: The expansion will allow for the opportunity to connect New England and the communities around Boston with a more efficient and effect public transit system. 

Challenges: Due to the size and scope of the project, there are many more stakeholders to include and manage throughout the process. The development of the project relies on first purchasing and demolishing the US Postal Service distribution facility on Dorchester Avenue, and the future for funding of large transportation projects is unknown.

Project Team: MassDOT, MBTA, US Dept Transportation, Amtrak, City of Boston, HNTB

Cost: $850 million

Funding Sources: State, Federal, and Private funding

Contact: Katherine S. Fichter, Manager of Long-Range Planning, MassDOT,  Project website link here.