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Smart Growth Project: Red Brook Harborview, Cataumet

The Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance recognizes smart growth projects and planning/zoning initiatives across the Commonwealth. This project is one of many that were featured at our 2013 conference. See other examples

Redbrook Harborview

Red Brook Harborview is a project specifically designed to reduce nitrogen loading to Red Brook Harbor, currently resulting from on-site septic systems. This project will treat wastewater from the proposed development and the existing marina, potentially reducing existing nitrogen loading by 890 pounds per year. Red Brook Harboview will build additional capacity at no cost to the town, creating the potential to further reduce nitrogen, with the town responsible for the planning and cost of connections to surrounding neighborhoods.

Opportunities: Enabled by an innovative zoning bylaw, providing higher-density mixed use in exchange for advanced wastewater treatment, allowing a net reduction in nitrogen loading.

Challenges: Public input showed resistance to new zoning regulation, and determining the appropriate density levels relative to benefits provided by water treatment scale.

Project Team: Red Brook Harbor Properties, LLC, Lipman Development Strategies, Horsely Witten Group, Michael Cullum Associates, Inc.

Cost: $11.5 million

Square Feet/Units: 15 units

Funding Sources: Private

Contact: John Lipman, President, Lipman Development Strategies,, (508) 776 – 9841