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Smart Growth Project: Pioneer Valley Region Action Plan “Our Next Future”

The Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance recognizes smart growth projects and planning/zoning initiatives across the Commonwealth. This project is one of many that were featured at our 2013 conference. See other examples

PV Our Next Future

This plan contains ideas and strategies to address eight key topics: Smart growth; climate action and clean energy; green infrastructure; housing; brownfields; food security; sustainable transportation; and the environment. The plan was adopted in October 2013. The overarching goal of the plan is to chart a course for a more vibrant, competitive, sustainable, and equitable region.

Opportunities: Funding through the HUD Sustainable Communities grant provided planners at PVPC to prepare detailed plans for topics that are cross-cutting and key to growth, but may oftentimes be marked as low-priority.

Challenges: As with many new-style plans, it took time, involvement, and coordination to complete this plan and work towards implementation.

Project Team: PVPC, University of Massachusetts Department of Architecture, HUD Sustainable Communities Initiative, Capitol Region Council of Governments (CT)

Cost: Part of a larger $1.2 million HUD Sustainable Communities grant, In house funding

Funding Sources: HUD Sustainable Communities grant

Contact: Christopher Curtis, Chief Planner, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, [email protected]