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Massachusetts is falling behind

While roads and bridges across the Commonwealth are falling apart and public transportation continues to deteriorate, other states are investing in a stronger economic future and better quality of life.


Read about and download the plan.

On January 14, Governor Patrick outlined the choices state legislators must grapple with to keep Massachusetts competitive.

The Commonwealth needs to modernize its transportation system to move people, goods, and services more effectively; to provide transportation choices all around the state; to attract people and businesses to our cities and towns; to support vibrant town centers and urban squares; and to be prepared for natural disasters and extreme weather caused by climate change.

“The Way Forward: A 21st Century Transportation Plan” calls for new revenue that will enable us to fix our roads, bridges, and public transportation.

Here’s how you and your friends can help:

  1. Read the plan or the summary.
  2. Email your legislators. (Look them up here) as well as House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray. (See the sample email text below.)
  3. Express your support on Facebook and Twitter. Forward this message to your friends and family.
  4. Receive bulletins from MA Smart Growth and Transportation for Massachusetts.
  5. Submit a letter to your local paper, comment on articles on-line, or call in to talk radio. There will be a lot of bad information, starting with the mistaken notion that the Governor wants all of the tax and fee options enacted. This is not true–we will need to adopt some of the options, along with reform and modernization.
  6. Let us know if you weigh in on this issue.

Sample text of email to your legislator:

Dear [NAME]:

I support investing in our transportation system and I am writing to ask you to do the same.

Massachusetts needs a long-term strategy that will fix what’s broken, reduce delays and congestion, and make our cities and towns healthier and more prosperous.

I use the transportation system every day. I want to know that it will work when I need it—that roads and bridges will stay open, that the trains will run on time, that sidewalks will not crumble, and that we can build the walking and bicycling trails that my community wants.

We have some hard choices, but you can make sure that we get a fair blend of revenues and modernizations that add up to the $1 billion investment that we need.

Thank you for your attention, and your action.



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