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An opportunity to reform the state’s zoning law

We are working with a broad coalition in support of HD 3216, “An Act promoting the planning and development of sustainable communities,” submitted by Rep. Stephen Kulik and Sen. Dan Wolf. This bill is written to benefit municipalities, residents, and property owners equally by increasing predictability, streamlining unnecessary regulations, and clarifying areas of legal ambiguity in the current statute.

Our cities and towns need better tools for planning and zoning, enabling them—and Massachusetts—to be more economically competitive, to protect natural resource areas, and to increase the supply of moderately priced housing. State statutes are woefully outdated—and result too often in development projects where communities don’t want them, while locations that make sense languish.

More information about HD3216:

We are pleased to be working with a strong coalition around this effort, including the Massachusetts Public Health Association, the City Solicitors and Town Counsel Association, environmental allies, affordable housing advocates, and members of the Alliance. We are also coordinating closely with the Mass Municipal Association to try to obtain its support.

The Alliance been working on this issue for the past six years and, along with fixing our transportation system, it is one of our highest  priorities. (See our placemaking policy agenda.)

We’re happy to hear any feedback you might have about the content, because changes are always made during the legislative process.