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Act Now to Strengthen Transportation Bills

Housing, transportation and climate solutions are inherently linked. We’re pleased the House last week proposed new revenue and capital investments for our struggling transportation system. Now it’s your turn: please tell your state representative that these bills are a top priority for you and ask them to make the proposals even better with targeted amendments.

Stand with us now and tell the Massachusetts House to support comprehensive, statewide transportation funding

House 4508 (revenue) includes an increase in the gas tax (5 cents) and the Uber/Lyft single-occupancy fee, as well as raising minimum corporate taxes and closing a rental car sales tax loophole. House 4506 (bonding) authorizes borrowing for much-needed MBTA, regional bus/rural transit, and other capital investments.

We support targeted amendments championed by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and Transportation for Massachusetts. Please ask your state representative to support these amendments:

  • Eliminate a provision that would reduce the gas tax if there is an interstate agreement on the transportation and climate initiative.  Amendments #32 and #37 (Rep Ciccolo).
  • Add language allowing cities & towns to raise and spend money for transportation, via a “regional ballot initiative” (#273 filed by Reps Vargas and Madaro) and/or a better version of the “Local Infrastructure Development Program” (#120 filed by Rep Barber).
  • Improve the proposed Congestion Commission by adding a Regional Planning Agency seat.  Amendment # 59 (Rep Meschino)
  • Do more to curb traffic congestion through provisions on smarter tolling (#12 filed by Rep Peisch and #81 by Rep Madaro, both amending House 4508).  Please add this to the list of amendments you support.

Click the button below to go to the action page and send a message to your State Rep.

Thank you for taking action to improve our transportation system!

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