Roxbury: The Warren Street Transit Corridor

In Roxbury, Great Neighborhoods is supporting Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation and a coalition of neighborhood housing, transit and Main Streets groups to work with the City and the State to identify transit and “complete streets” improvements for the Warren Street Corridor between Dudley Square and Grove Hall. This will help reduce commuting times in one of the densest and most congested bus corridors in the City. In addition, a community design process for the re-development of Bartlett Yard will help transform an 8-acre underused lot into a model mixed-use housing and commercial urban village.

10-year Goals (2021)

  • Develop and Preserve 928 new homes representing a diverse mix of incomes, ages, family sizes and rental/ownership
  • Create or retain 104 businesses as part of economic development and job creation revitalization efforts
  • Reduce commuting time by residents in the neighborhood by at least 25%
  • Increase walking and biking along Warren street by at least 25%

Highlights (2012)

  1. A full time Rose Architectural Fellow (Enterprise) has been hired to lead community design for Bartlett Place, a 300 residential unit development with 60-67,000 sq ft of commercial retail space.
  2. Conducted an inventory of developable parcels along the Warren Street Corridor
  3. Completed a ‘Complete Streets Inventory’ of Warren Street and Dudley Square, and presented findings to the community at a Complete Streets workshop.
  4. Exploring new acquisition opportunities along the Corridor
  5. Conducted a “placemaking” workshop with Project for Public Spaces in Dudley Sq to develop ways to enliven public spaces including the plaza in front of the local library, and worked with artists and community groups to host events there through an initiative called Common Thread.

Working Documents

Placemaking in the Warren Street Transit Corridor: Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper (PDF)This report was prepared as part of the work Project for Public Spaces.  (June 2012).

Complete Streets: An Inventory of Existing Recommendations and Gaps Analysis (PDF) Report prepared for Roxbury Great Neighborhoods Partners by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (July 2012)

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