Great Neighborhoods Communities


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Great Neighborhoods is a place-based program of the Alliance that supports local people working on smart growth projects in their communities. The program partners with local residents, community leaders and municipal and state officials and supports their work to:

  • create affordable homes,
  • preserve and create open space,
  • build alternative transportation infrastructure to support walking and biking, and
  • engage in placemaking.

The collective efforts of our partners will help address climate change and pollution, rising transportation and energy costs, and make our state’s regions more competitive. Our local partners are working hard to make healthy and welcoming communities in all regions of the Commonwealth. Read about their progress so far in the Great Neighborhoods Impact Report 2013.

See the past Great Neighborhoods Impact Report 2012.


In 2011, with the generous support of the Barr Foundation and the Ford Foundation, the Alliance formed partnerships with stakeholders in five Great Neighborhoods flagship sites in the following communities:

These Great Neighborhoods sites represent a range of significant projects for advancing equitable smart growth in the region as laid out in Metrofuture, Greater Boston’s plan for growth through the year 2030.