Community Benefit District (CBD)

Local governments need additional capacity and partnerships to manage walkable, vibrant areas like downtowns or town centers. However, most cities and towns struggle to keep up with basic services and lack the ability to effectively develop, market, and govern these exciting places.

Community Benefit Districts (CBDs) are an additional tool for local stakeholders and municipalities to support the 18-hour management of our state’s downtowns, main streets and village centers. These “live, work, and play” areas need more attention and resources than residential neighborhoods. They may need street furniture, arts programming, daily trash collection, branding and marketing, and much more. Local government can’t do this alone, and CBDs can help by establishing a supportive public-private-nonprofit partnership.

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CBDs are a local public/private/nonprofit partnership managed by a non-profit entity, with sustainable funding through property tax assessments, income from their entrepreneurial activity and charitable contributions. We are advocating at the state level for adoption of a state enabling act that would allow for creation of CBDs.