For the Media

Alliance staff members welcome queries from reporters, bloggers, and others who are writing about smart growth topics related to people and places in Massachusetts.

We also will be happy to connect you to experts who can provide background and offer insights about issues related to economic development, environmental preservation, housing, land use, public policy, sustainable communities, transportation, and zoning.

For media inquiries, please contact Executive Director Andre Leroux, (617) 251-3861.

Quick Facts about the Alliance

  • Founded in 2003 as a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization. The Alliance’s fiscal agent is Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association, a 501(c)3 group.
  • Created by seven leading Massachusetts-based policy organizations, which now serve as our steering committee. Works with state lawmakers to ensure legislation is consistent with smart growth principles.
  • Provides coaching and support to cities and towns who are working on important smart growth projects.
  • Manages the Great Neighborhoods Network for people and organizations who are implementing local smart growth projects. They share successes and challenges, provide mutual support, learn about new ideas, and identify barriers to their work.
  • Supported through and by the Barr Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Herman and Frieda L. Miller Foundation.


The Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance promotes healthy and diverse communities, protects critical environmental resources and working landscapes, advocates for housing and transportation choices, and supports equitable community development and reinvestment.

What We Do

  1. Provide direct assistance to local groups that are working to create great places that benefit everyone.
  2. Identify barriers to real-world projects and shape solutions in collaboration with partners around the state.
  3. Improve the “rules of the game” for sensible development while conserving our natural and historic assets.